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Meet Our Rabbi

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Rabbi Avraham Maimon became spiritual leader of Bar Yohai Sephardic Minyan in 2011, relocating from Jerusalem to Sunnyvale with his wife Rachelly and their three young children.

Born in Jerusalem, Rabbi Maimon moved as a young boy to Seattle, where his father opened the city’s first kolel . Upon his family's return to Israel, he attended a variety of yeshivot, including Yeshiva Ketana Nachalat Shemuel, in Jerusalem; Nachalat Hleviyim, in Haifa; and Kefar Hasidim, in Rechasim.

He subsequently received his smicha (rabbinic ordination) in the  Mir Yeshiva, in Jerusalem, and is certified as a mohel, enabling him to perform ritual circumcisions.

Prior to arriving at Bar Yohai, he spent two years in the Ner Le Elef program, studying Jewish outreach and counseling.

Rabbi Maimon comes from a long line of Sephardic rabbis, serving communities in Turkey, France and Morocco. His wife Rachelly, the daughter of the Chief Rabbi of Gibralter, shares a similar heritage.